Supernatural abilities, arcane magic, killer good looks, animalistic allure… what’s not to love about being a werewolf? Kain Ulmer wouldn’t change what he is for the world. He lives a carefree transient life where the only thing that matters is the next woman, the next conquest, the next thrill. The Hunger is the price he pays, the curse that demands he make a human kill every three moons or risk madness.Yet he considers the cost worth the rewards of ultimate power and freedom.Kain has everything he could want–until fate brings him to her…

Autumn Sullivan has the perfect life. She lives in the most beautiful place in the world, a cottage nestled in the sanctuary of an ancient redwood forest. She has realized her dream of owning a beautiful little coffee shop in the quiet Northern California town where she grew up, and her life is free from the complications of men and relationships. Just her and her friends, her shop, her redwoods, and her safe, simple life–until a dark, dangerous stranger disrupts her world and send her passions flaming.

Kain is determined to win this guarded creature, but he cannot know the wild desires they will awaken in one another, nor the danger he will bring to her doorstep. An evil even Kain cannot fathom targets Autumn, and they both must race to find answers,and a safe haven, before the Hunger catches up to them both.


*Warning: this book is a paranormal, erotic romance that contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young readers.*

“Hunger” is the first book in the Hunger Series,which is an erotic paranormal (horror werewolf) romance which focuses on the two main characters, Kain and Autumn, and their journey of love and transformation together. The next book in the series,”Heat”, is a continuation of the story started in Hunger, and is due to be released summer 2018