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(This page STILL under construction. Please excuse the disorganized blathering)


I am a full time artist and part time author. I love writing, but at this point it is a hobby until I can make it part of my full time career.

I love werewolves, and I love romance. To me there is nothing better than a good paranormal werewolf romance. Except that my definition of a werewolf is a big, snarly, beastly creature that sort of resembles a wolf, but is NOT a wolf, but is also not a rat monkey (the closest thing that I ever saw to what I think a werewolf should be is the werewolf in the movie Van Helsing (but he needed a tail IMHO)


I got tired of reading the same old werewolf romance novel where the hero (or heroine) turns into a run-of-the-mill wolf. Boring. So I decided to write my own fantasies, my way. I don't write the usual stuff. I toe the line of the forbidden, what a lot of us lycanthrophiles really want to read. Things that I always wanted to read.

Hunger is my first novel, and certainly not my last!

I currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my roommate Sandra and our four-legged children.

I'm Christie, and I love werewolves.
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