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The Kierrn

The Kierrn (prounounced kai-urn, but more growly) are a race of werewolves that I have been working on for the past twenty years. While no one thing about them is wholly unique (because seriously, how could you be these days?), they are still uniquely mine.


Here are some basics about my children:

  • Bipedal beast form has a wolf-like head, digitigrade legs, and a tail. Can easily become a quadruped form with some shifting adjustments. Both modes are the same mass.

  • Beast form is anywhere from 6'10" in females, to 8" tall in males. They can weigh anywhere from 350 to up to 800 lbs.

  • Fangs are large and protrude from upper lip

  • Bite strength is massive, around 2400 psi

  • Fur is always some shade of black. Eyes are always an ice/light blue with a ring of red on the outer edge of the iris

  • Beast form is super strong, with larger males able to bench fifteen tons (30,000 pounds)

  • They are also super agile with extremely fast reflexes

  • The beast form can run up to 60 mph in biped mode, and up to 75 mph in quad mode.

  • They have superior healing abilities and super metabolisms. They are able to regenerate limbs, and small wounds heal within moments.

  • Mostly indestructible, but are highly susceptible to silver. Silver burns their skin, and if it is in the system, it keeps wounds from healing, and will poison the blood. A silver shot to the head or heart is instant death.

  • Due to their high metabolism, they are almost always hungry, and must eat food often. Red meat is the best for sating their appetites.

  • Temperamental, often volatile, and extremely sexual.

  • As humans, they are incredibly attractive. This physical beauty is like a lure for their human prey.

  • They live under the curse of Hunger, which forces them to make a human kill every three months. If they kill more than this, they can become a mutated, mentally unhinged shapeshifter called an Eater.

This page is still under construction. I will be adding more in the near future!

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