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Heat cover reveal and release date!

WOOHOO!!! After nearly six long years, "Heat" is finally ready to be published!

The official release date is March 1st, but pre-sales of the eBook are available NOW on Amazon (scroll down for pre-order link)!

Here is the cover for the paperback. This was many, many hours of work in Procreate and Photoshop. I learned a ton about Procreate with this piece. I cannot thank my roommate, soul sister, and business partner Sandra enough for her art direction here. She really saved my bacon on this artwork!

The back cover copy reads:

Werewolf Kain Ulmer must risk everything to keep his mate Autumn safe from what hunts her. That means bringing her to Haven, the only werewolf colony in existence, and before the enigmatic Queen of their kind. He does not know the fate that awaits them both, a fate that will cost them far more than either are willing to sacrifice.

Autumn Sullivan must reconcile her love for Kain with the darkness he has brought into her life, altering her world forever. Her surrender is the key, but how can she trust Kain or her own heart after finding out the truth about the Hunger? She must make a choice, and do it soon, or risk destroying all that she loves.

Time is running out, bringing them both closer to danger and the inevitable changes that the moon will bring.

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